female hysteria


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Christoff Slater
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Christoff Slater WOW!! This is incredible!! HOLY SHIT I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MUSIC!! :o
Favorite track: in cold tones.
James Downing-Groth
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James Downing-Groth This is exactly what I needed! Heard the song on Underdogs II and immediately came looking for more. Fucking killer vocals and mean as fuck all around. And a fucking No Doubt cover! I’m in love!!!
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released September 25, 2018

recorded by marc estabillo


all rights reserved



CLUELESS Oakland, California

Bay Area tough girl hardcore

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Track Name: female hysteria
You hang your plaque on your wall
Use my body as a judgement call
"It's in your head"
Keep telling me I'm fine
I can't take this pain
Tired of trying to fix this
I can't take it much longer
You don't care about me so why should I
I'm falling apart, you're letting it happen
I'm falling apart, the blood is on your hands
You don't believe me, I don't believe me
You barely see me but I know what I see
I'm fucking devastated
I'm fucking desiccated
You say it's in my head
But it's in my fucking body
Track Name: in cold tones
Everything is getting worse
Everyone wants to act like everything is better now
Everything is fucked
Is this a fucking joke
Men deciding what we do with our bodies
Censoring what they don't like
Locking us up, getting away with it
Locking us up, getting off to us
You're not gonna get away with this
You can't decide what we do with our bodies
You can't censor us, you can't kill all of us
You can't lock us up, you won't get away with it
You can't lock us up, you won't get off to us
Pretending we have rights but they're taking our lives
Track Name: you're nothing
Move, change your name, charm your friends, tell them I'm crazy
Convince yourself I'm crazy
Be nothing but nice to them
Stay the same, pretend what you did was okay, pretend you're not crazy
Be nothing
Ive screamed in silence but I shouldn't be ashamed of this
You tore me down, laying battered on the fucking ground
I fought to survive
You fight just to fight
You almost took my life
Did you feel justified
"What's the meanest you can be to the ones you claim to love"
You held me down, barely breathing on the ground
Try to take my voice, tear my life apart
You won't get away with this
Your culture of violence can't continue to exist
We won't be silenced, you've stepped too far motherfucker
Track Name: what's the point
It's in my blood
Predisposed to fail
Death passed down
Never knowing when I'll give up
I never know when I'm gonna give it all up
Trying to hold on but what's the point
Everything around me is crumbling
Everything inside me is ruined
Fighting for my life
Fighting to survive

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